Australian Bee Hive Sites

Australian native bee hives love a warm climate.

Anyone can own a native Australian bee hive. 

You don’t need to be living on a big block of land. Australian native bees are versatile, peaceful and they don’t sting. 

We have Hives all around the country. From Broome to Brisbane, Cairns to Perth, Cloncurry to Alice Springs, Sunshine Coast to Sydney. We even have a native bee house at Australian Parliament House, Canberra in summer, and in winter it moves to Sydney to the NSW Governor’s residence overlooking Sydney Harbour.

Wondering if your home or workplace is suitable?


Australian bee hives are great for residential living in a house or apartment. Native Australian bee’s are happy to live four levels above ground in the city, in a small suburban garden, bushland, farmland – pretty well anywhere. 

They are ideal in a wide range of environments such as public spaces, schools, retirement villages and work places.

Watching these creatures can be relaxing and often has a meditative effect. Installing our Native Bee Hive can help in stressful workplaces, people who suffer with mental health challenges, the elderly and are perfect little pets for children. Observing bees in action is being used to calm children with high needs too. 

Native bees don’t effect people who have anaphylactic shock and best of all they don’t sting!


High Profile Australian Bee Hive Sites



To promote an awareness of the decline of Australian stingless bees and their importance to our eco system, The Native Bee Hive was installed at Australian Parliament House in 2017. Politicians, staff and tourists can see our hive in action. 


Hive-Site-Beerburrum-Bee Garden

The Sunshine Coast Council have created the ‘Beerburrum Bee Garden’ which houses four of our hives. Down the road at the Burrum Coffee Shack, Glasshouse Tourist Information and Glasshouse Plantation you’ll find our honey and hives on display.



The Wildlife Hospital at Australia Zoo was a natural choice for The Native Bee Hive due to their work with wildlife and the natural environment. It is also the perfect place to raise awareness of the plight of bees for both local and international tourists.

Sunnymeade Park Retirement village


Many residents in this retirement village have a keen interest in gardening and bees. Watching the bustling hive flourish is both calming and a great talking point. Residents love the native honey – especially on vanilla ice-cream.



The Montessori International College is an education facility accommodating our hives. Students and teachers can learn about stingless native bees, SMART hive technology, pollination and honey extraction. 



The reason this site was chosen to install our Native Bee Hive was to provide University students studying the impact stingless native bees on Australian agriculture, food security and environmental sustainability, 24 hours access to a hive.


one of our hives and have a fantastic day out at the Glasshouse Plantation


Native Hive Security Stand

Built to keep thieves out and bees in, The Native Hive Security Stand is custom built to protect your investment. We understand that your hive may be left unattended for extended periods of time. Naturally this exposes the bee colonies to a range of threats from theft and vandalism to unpredictable weather. 

It comes with a strong lockable arm, is welded from powder coated aluminium and ensures bees have uninterrupted access to the hive. It also offers extra protection from the harsh Australian climatic conditions with a second roof. It also has a wide base platform for the hive to sit on and strengthening  bar around the base where you can place a shelf to support pot plants, rest your belongings or hang tools. 

It can also double as a support for your passionfruit vine or creeper.



The Native Bee Hive Security Stand comes with a 10 year replacement guarantee against manufacturing faults (welding). Returns are accepted on unused goods – 30 day money back.

The Native Hive & Our Industry

The function, appearance and features of the Native Bee Hive are revolutionary to the Australian native beekeeping industry. The design enables a variety of insulation to be used depending on the temperature and geographical region.

The main benefits to bee keepers are:

– Relatively maintenance free 
– Safe environment for bees particularly in heatwaves
– Propagate a new colony without opening the hive to ‘split’ the brood
– Foam covers and wet rags are not needed on hot days
– Not reliant on shade and undercover locations
– Design alleviates hive overheating by staying below 40oC
– Designed to easily harvest honey 
– Custom fit accessories with the hive entrance
– The Native Hive Security Stand is an optional extra.

“We’re building houses for the bee to live in during climate change.”  

“I am the Head Beekeeper at Australian Parliament House.

We have managed to successfully keep native stingless bees well outside of their natural range in Canberra, and the Hive Haven V9 design has held up really well despite drought, frost, heatwaves, damaging hail and choking smoke from bushfires. The transportable nature of the V9 design has also allowed me to rapidly move the colonies to their winter lodgings at Government House in Sydney. The overall design and support from Hive Haven has made learning to care for this species much easier.”

Australian Parliament House Head Beekeeper Cormac Farrell



Why do bee keepers like The Native Bee Hive?

Without breaking honey pots or disturbing the bees it enables beekeepers to harvest honey via the easy access AS2070 FOOD CONTACT compliant internal cartridge. It’s also hugely popular as it’s primarily maintenance free, sturdy and bee’s love it.

What does ‘temperature control’ mean?

The Native Bee Hive is designed to cope with increasing heatwaves due to the insulation cavity and internal walls which provide temperature control.

How do I buy a Security Stand?

We don’t sell these online but they cost $880 pick up from Beerburrum. You can send us an email and we’ll respond with a shipping quote. There is more information about out Security Stand above.

Does The Native Bee Hive arrive assembled?

It arrives 85% assembled and takes just 15 minutes to assemble and activate the insulation. Theres no glue, no painting, no power tools needed – just 4 easy steps. We provide you with a video on your phone so you will have it done in a jiffy.