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Giving Australian Native Bees A Sustainable Home


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Hive Haven is a leading native bee hive innovator in Australia.

Did you know native bees die and suffer heat stress in our summer heat waves?

Devastated by such a loss, Ann decided she would find a solution. 

Ann and the Hive Haven team designed and built these precious creatures a first-class home. Bee’s love it – the insulation and air flow system provides the effect of natures or natural conditioning! Ann calls it The Native Hive but it’s often referred to by industry as the V9 Native Bee Hive.


Hive Haven Native Hive’s are:

  • Cleverly designed to maintain a stable temperature 

  • Durable, sturdy and virtually no maintenance is required

  • Free of rotting, cracking, swelling, mildew and termites

  • Easy access to honey via the internal cartridge

  • Propagate a new colony with minimal disruption to bees.

Innovation at hive haven

The Hive Haven Native Hive is revolutionary to the bee keeping industry.

The brilliant design has a variety of features, providing a groundbreaking contribution to Australian beekeeping. The innovative hollow insulation cavity can be filled with either a liquid or a soft solid to maintain a temperature controlled environment. This feature alleviates hive overheating, and heat stress on the bees. In addition, The Native Bee Hive is largely maintenance free!

A happy home means a productive life for the our heroic little Aussie Battler


A Lover

Today the native bee is rapidly being recognised as an extremely effective pollinator of Australian food crops – in essence, this bee could be the key to our survival. As with honey bees, these cute little critters do have a queen, they have workers and, YES they produce honey!

Sadly we are experiencing a sharp decline in the pollination of food crops due to the development of land and as a consequence, a loss of their natural habitat. In addition, with the climate changing comes the increase in temperature. This is deadly for bee’s. 

At Hive Haven our goal is to raise awareness and help our Australian native stingless bee species. 


Made In Australia

We are really proud of working with local manufacturers to produce The Native Hive and its unique Security Stand.

Hive Haven Industry Memberships

ann is keen to nurture relationships across the wider beekeeping industry in Australia, and is always eager to learn from her peers and share her knowledge to create a better world for bees. 


Australian Native Bee Association


Caloundra Chamber of Commerce


Queensland Beekeepers Association


Glasshouse Country Chamber of commerce


Food & Agricultural Network

To Bee Clear

We offer our

hives, hive stands, honey, books and pollinator seed mixes

At Hive Haven we specialise in the installation of native bee hives for public display. If you would like to have a native bee hive at your school, university, work space or public park, email us today. 

You can support your hive and attract bees to your garden with our pollinator seed mix.



With Excitement

It’s not just the bees and bee keepers that are winners with The Native Hive. We are proud to have the support of the Queensland Government through the Advance Queensland initiative. Hive Haven has also been blessed with many awards. Below are the latest four: 



2020 – Evoke Ag
Start Up Alley Participant
(competitive process to gain a place)

The 2nd
Australian Native Bee


2019 Awarded Most
Native Bee Box

Sunshine Coast


2019 – Sunshine Coast
Business Award Finalist
– Food & Agribusiness

The Queensland
Community Achievement


2019 – Queensland Regional Achievement & Community Award Finalist – Innovative Agriculture (top three)

Buderim Ginger

“We love having the Hive Haven V9 on site at the Ginger Factory.
The native bees love buzzing around our beautiful gardens
 and our visitors just love it.”