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A sustainable solution for Australian native bee hive keepers.

No need to repair or paint this Native Bee Hive. It doesn’t rot, crack, swell, deteriorate or attract termites.

100% Australian Made for the Australian environment.

Our Native Bee Hive gives humans a way to help bees adapt to climate change. The ingenious design addresses the impact global warming has on Australian native bee’s by regulating the temperature inside the hive – it’s not actually ‘air conditioned’ but the air flow vents and insulation provide a similar effect. This improves the productivity, health and happiness of the bee’s.

When you buy a hive and put bees in it, you can harvest honey and the propolis once or twice a year depending on your geographical location or you can ‘love them and leave them’ knowing you are helping save The Australian native bees.

The ability to alleviate overheating is a massive benefit in the Australian summer heat. Fade resistant materials and strong, robust components provide a practical solution to bee keepers of all levels.

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The Native Bee Hive is a holistic approach to the care and safety of stingless native bees. Our Native Bee Hive doesn't come with bees. 

The bees choose to regulate the temperature and air flow of the hive by opening and closing any of the four ventilation holes when it suits them (they are smart little creatures).

The eduction/budding hole and connector pipe give the bee keeper an easy way to propagate a new colony without having to physically open the hive to ‘split’ the brood.

The internal brood chamber gives the bee keeper the option to propagate a new colony by splitting if this is what they prefer instead of ‘budding.

Unlike European honeybees’s no license is required to keep Australian native bees. It’s also 'Unit friendly’ and won’t cause landlord issues. The Native Bee Hive is a low cost long life hive, easy to transport, no bee suit or hive smoker is required AND there’s no fear of getting stung.

We offer support with each hive purchase, but honestly, you won’t need much. The bee’s do all the work. Every hive comes with a welcome pack of Frequently Asked Questions and we can answer queries via email as well.



• Unique hive design alleviates overheating
• Revolutionary ventilation system regulates inner temperature (we the data to prove it)
• Four ventilation holes enable the bees better air flow
• Hexagonal shape to mimic a natural tree log
• Easy access honey cartridge that won’t break honey pots or disturb bees
• Propagate a new colony without disrupting the brood
• Construction utilises compostable bioplastic
• 100% Manufactured in Australia using Australian materials
• Fade resistant and strong, robust components
• The hexagon box base is UV stabilised and doesn’t 'off gas’.



• Bee’s stay cool and happy which improves their productivity
• Can cope in increasing hot days and heat waves
• Use app on your phone to monitor the hive temperature (additional feature)
• Low maintenance hive which won’t rot or require painting
• Delicious honey can be harvested with minimum disturbance to the bee’s
• Propagate without the loss of bees
• Quick 15 minute assembly – no glue, no painting, no power tools needed
• Assemble in 4 easy steps with video assembly provided upon purchase.



The custom made Hive Haven Security Stand is perfect to protect your valuable hives from vandals, thieves and unpredictable weather. If you are interested in purchasing a Hive Haven Security Stand give Ann or Jeff a call.

Size: 1800mm high x 650mm wide.



Our transport partner is Australia Post. We use registered mail so you’ll receive a tracking code with purchase. We dispatch 2 days per week. Your box will arrive as fast as Australia Post can bring it. The tracking code enables you to keep an eye on when it might arrive.

Unless you’re a local, then you’re welcome to pick up from our shop front at Beerburrum.

Size of delivery box: 540mm high x 410mm square.



We are so confident in our hives we offer a 20 year replacement guarantee against manufacturing faults (roto-moulded parts). Returns are accepted. We offer 30 day money back guarantee on any unused and undamaged goods.




For more information about The Native Bee Hive composition check out the details on the 'About' page.


Additional information

Weight 10.0 kg
Dimensions 36 × 42 × 53 cm

The Australian Native Bee Hive is composed of three elements: coloured fittings and accessories, the shade sail and the hexagonal base.

Coloured Fittings

The coloured fittings and accessories are 3D printing at Hive Haven. The raw material we use is a compostable bioplastic derived from plant sugars and other renewable resources.

We source our raw material Nature Works, Bilby 3D in Brisbane. It’s called are PLA (Polylactide) and can be made from any sugar, such as corn starch, cassava, sugar cane, or sugar beet. NatureWorks [https://www.natureworksllc.com/] is the world's largest producer of PLA.

Shade Sail

The shade sail provides the bees with extra protection from rain, wind and harsh sun. The sail is manufactured from 100% recycled HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) plastic, mainly milk bottles. The shade sail is strong and durable. It’s resistant to termites, rot, cracking, swelling, delaminate and mildew.

The Shade Sail panels are made in Melbourne Victoria at ‘Design Flow’ [https://www.designflow.com.au/solid_plastic_sheets.html]

Hexagonal Base

The hexagonal base is the main assembly where the magic happens. This part of the hive has an insulation cavity and is made from a UV stabalised recycled blend and the inner brood cavity is made from 100% recycled HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) plastic, mainly water tanks. The cutting edge design enables the cavity to be filled with a liquid or soft solid insulation. We supply you with the insulation suited to your geographical area.

This part of the Native Bee Hive is manufactured at OzziKleen, https://www.ozzikleen.com.au/products, on the Sunshine Coast bringing to you an ‘Australian Made’ Native Bee Hive that won’t deteriorate and does not need painting.

We have an ‘end of use’ policy enabling our hives to be fully recycled.


Assembled size: 550mm high x 330mm wide


Without insulation – 10kg
With insulation activated – 32kg

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